Tempting Young Coconut Water Selling Business Opportunity

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The business opportunity to sell young coconut water is still one of the lucrative choices for small capital businesses. We usually find this business on the roadside and in urban areas. Naturally, the freshness of young coconut ice is irreplaceable, especially for those who are traveling.

That said, young coconut ice is a good medicine to treat various diseases. In addition, according to many experts, young coconut water is a natural source of ions. So, drinking young coconut ice in addition to providing freshness, young coconut water is also able to restore ions or body fluids that continue to decrease during activities.

Well, for those of you who are looking for business opportunities, especially small capital business opportunities, selling young coconut water can be a wise choice. Here I have some tips about the business of selling young coconut ice.

Tempting Young Coconut Water Selling Business Opportunity

Young Coconut Water Selling Business Opportunities

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Prepare capital

Capital is always the most important thing to prepare because without capital, there is no business that needs to be planned. At least you have a way to get business capital even though it's not in your hands yet. You can read tips on getting business capital.

Choose a strategic place

Business success cannot be separated from the place where the business is. A strategic place will make the business successful and fast growing. A strategic place does not have to be in the middle of a city that is known to be crowded, a place that is far from the city is also possible to open a business selling young coconut water. A good place for this business is a causeway or road that many motorists take. The target customers of the young coconut ice selling business are people who are traveling and need a place to rest to relieve fatigue during the trip.


Young coconut ice is generally made only with young coconut water topped with ice cubes. To make it look different, you should make young coconut ice that is given a little innovation. Maybe you can add palm sugar with shaved ice. If it's usually crushed ice, try it with ice cubes. You can also add innovations to make your young kalapa ice business different from the others. And, don't forget to offer several variants of young coconut ice to customers.

Good service

It is an obligation as a businessman to serve customers well. In addition to the variety of flavors, your business will quickly grow and be known by many people because of the good service. Usually people who come to visit and enjoy your efforts will share their stories with other people around them. So, good service will help promote your business from their stories.

Small businesses like this don't have a lot of tips because the main thing is place. Wherever you open a business selling young coconut ice, if your place of business is strategic, then the business has the opportunity to advance and develop.

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