Profitable Business Opportunities in Ramadan 2016

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Profitable business opportunities in the month of Ramadan - The month of fasting is a month full of blessings for everyone. Business actors are no exception who get the blessings of Ramadan which are doubled. This month there will be many new businesses growing even though they are classified as seasonal businesses. Yes, the opportunity should always be used even if only for one month.

Like opening a business in the fasting month of Ramadan, this is a form of taking advantage of opportunities, one of the characteristics of successful people, namely not wasting opportunities and time. In this blessed month, there are many business opportunities that you can build. I myself have seen several places of business that have begun to be built. I also saw a new venture, one that was different from most. However, some of the business opportunities that I have in mind have not been found. And, in this article may be the right place to convey what business is still not much thought of by those around me.

Profitable Business Opportunities in Ramadan 2016

Profitable Business Opportunities in the Month of Ramadan

Some profitable business opportunities in the fasting month that you can try are as follows:

Selling clothes on credit

Opening a business selling firecrackers and fireworks may be common. Not surprisingly, everywhere, in every market we are used to finding this business. However, I think differently here and prefer a business that can be done from home, does not need a place, namely a business selling clothes on credit.

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It might sound foreign. Yes, real business is still rare. To start this business you only need a capital that is not too large. My estimate is that with a capital of only Rp. 2 million, you can start this business for approximately one month.

The business of selling clothes on credit starts from looking for wholesale clothing to buying clothes in quite a large number. For example, maybe you only need a few pieces of clothing to market. Purchases are made on credit with quotes per day or per week. The goal is to ease the burden on shoppers who spend money all at once to get the clothes they want in stores.

You are different, they can get clothes for Eid from you, but the payment can be in installments. This makes customers do not mind because they only need to set aside a few Rupiah to pay the installments. I'm sure you understand what I mean.

While you can collect installments by visiting customers' homes so they don't have to bother going to your house to pay their clothes installments.

Again, this is a very profitable business opportunity. They don't care how much you profit from this business because what they are interested in is the payment method.

To get more customers, don't forget to offer orders. You do this by telling them the type of clothing they want and you to a clothing wholesaler to pick up their order.

However, opening this business must pay attention to the level of customer ability. You have to be really careful and make sure that your customers are really responsible in terms of payments. Make an agreement regarding arrears because it is very likely that this will happen, although not for all of your customers.

To overcome problems like this you must be wise in arranging and making initial agreements to avoid problems that harm you and your business.

You can develop this business by not focusing on clothes, but other types of fashion such as sandals and shoes. However, stick to my advice, which is this business only runs for a month. As for the long term, only you know whether this business continues or not.

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Thus information about profitable business opportunities in the month of Ramadan. If there is a chance I will share again with other business opportunities again.

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