Practical Ways to Start a Business with Minimal Capital

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One of the difficult problems faced by entrepreneurs (MSMEs) when they want to start a business is capital. Limited funds are often the trigger for someone to be lazy in entrepreneurship. A person who wants to start their business needs a place, a shop or a cart.

Yes, a place of business always requires a large enough capital for someone who wants to start a business. The manufacture of the cart alone required at least 1.5 million. That much capital certainly does not include the cost of raw materials, promotions and other costs that are no less than the cost of making a cart.

So, how to solve this problem? There's nothing that can't be overcome. However, if you cover everything in one article it might be very long. However, we can discuss only one problem, namely the location or establishment of the shop.

Practical Ways to Start a Business with Minimal Capital

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If you intend to open a business, try to start by testing ideas that only require a small capital. The problem of establishing a store can be overcome by choosing a marketplace platform that is widely available in the market to open an online store.

You can open a store by creating a marketplace account that is widely available and free of charge.

Here are three advantages of opening a store on a marketplace platform.

Have an online shop with low cost

Opening a store on a marketplace platform obviously costs less when compared to opening your own online store. The marketplace platform can be an intermediary between buyers and business owners.

Have a lower risk

The risk involved by opening an online store in one of the marketplaces is clearly lower. That is, it has a small risk if the business we run does not meet expectations. We don't have to worry about the cost of developing sites, servers and others like opening our own online store.

Easy to run

If we open our own store we have to divide the focus between creating products and managing the store. Our job is only to make products that consumers want.

After everything went according to plan, profits began to flow into the coffers of money. Start using larger capital to develop the business carefully. Growing a business slowly until it finally costs a lot for a bigger business.

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Remember that being an entrepreneur is not an easy road. Some may say that there is no overnight success. This is just an expression that states that success is not easy, even after undergoing a measurable process of many trials and ups and downs until success comes. So, are you ready to start a business?

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