Before Marketing a Product, You Already Know This?

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The progress and development of a product is largely determined by the marketing technique of the product itself. Without the right marketing techniques, your product will not progress. For that, you need a few things that you should know about product marketing in order to get a good response and bring in many buyers of your product.

I don't explain how to market a good product, but here I want to give you information about what you should know before marketing your product.

Before Marketing The Product, You Already Know This

What should be known before marketing a product?

1. Preparation

Understand the product

Often business people who are passionate about selling products forget to understand more about the product. Remember! You can't escape client questions about your product, so a basic knowledge of your product is not enough. You must really understand and master the product you are selling.


One of the most important things in promotion, although currently you can promote for free on social media, if you don't have capital you have to work alone to market your product. But if you set up promotional funds, you can take advantage of social marketing services or place ads on various social media.

2. Promotion

Social media

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This is the best place to market your product as long as you use the right technique. Because marketing through social media needs to build customer trust and this is very difficult when you are first starting out.

Ad network

There are many ad networks that you can use as a place to market your product, such as trusting your product to be marketed on Google Adwords as the largest advertising network today. Apart from Google Adwords, there are many other ad networks that you can use, both local and foreign.

Offline promotion

You can do this offline promotion by word of mouth or with the help of friends. Besides that, it can also be done with offline promotions indirectly, usually this happens because of customer satisfaction with your products and services, for that the quality of service is prioritized as I have said in a previous article.

If you apply all the points above, I am sure your product will be successful in the market as long as you provide your best service to customers. Because service is an important factor for your business to last longer and grow.

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