7 Promising Business Examples in 2021

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7 Promising Business Examples in 2021 - Starting your own business is the right step to start a better life. The government also supports and increases productive businesses, especially for the younger generation. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, various facilities can be obtained, both in terms of capital and training provided by relevant agencies that manage productive businesses.

Choosing to start a business or own business is the right choice for you. Maybe you are an employee who has a mediocre salary. Or, you are someone who wants to start as an entrepreneur, self-employed or be your own boss. Starting your own business early on is the best way to make your dreams come true. Well, here I have information about promising business opportunities in 2021.

7 Examples of Promising Business Ventures in 2021

Examples of Promising Business Ventures in 2016

1. Business of Selling Electric Credit

The need for pulses is endless. As long as people still need communication via cellphones, credit will continue to be an existing product. The business opportunity for selling electric pulses is included in the favorite business category and promising small capital business.

2. Property Business

The property business is one of the best business opportunities. It's just that this business is included in the category of large capital business. The property business is a promising investment from year to year, even this business is increasingly becoming the main choice for those who have sufficient capital.

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If you do not have much capital to build housing, boarding houses or rented houses. It doesn't matter, because you can start from buying cheap land until in the next few years the price of the land will increase several times.

3. Business in Agriculture

Being a farmer today is not a job that is undervalued anymore. Maybe in the past when you heard the word farmers were those who worked in the fields or on plantations. But not now, agriculture is the most promising business opportunity. If you have a little vacant land, there is nothing wrong with making a small garden like planting chilies. Maybe you can start growing chilies in polybags because the results are quite promising.

4. Cultivation Business

The cultivation business is still a promising business in 2021, and will even continue in the following years. This is inseparable from the community's need for food for survival. Cultivation that is well known in the community is catfish farming. However, you can try eel cultivation to minimize market competition.

5. Culinary Business

Culinary business opportunities are still a favorite business choice among our people. In fact, this business is one of the priorities in Indonesia's preparation for the Asean Economic Community (AEC). The business in this field is very diverse, ranging from small, medium to large-scale businesses. In addition, the culinary business can also be used as a home business for housewives. One example is the catering service business and the production of pastries to be marketed in minimarkets, supermarkets or storage in stalls.

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6. Online Business

One of the fastest growing businesses since the rapid development of the internet and technology. Many products that were previously only available in stores and products from craftsmen. Now business actors have started marketing their products online. Either by having your own online store or selling by opening an account on a marketplace site as a strategy to save costs in starting an online business.

7. Handicraft Business

Although this business is quite rare because not everyone has the expertise to make a handicraft. However, if you have just a little expertise, you can learn and develop it so that these skills are getting better so that they can become a promising business field.

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That's the information about 7 examples of promising businesses in 2021. Hopefully this can be an idea for those of you who are choosing the right business this year.

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