7 Home Business Opportunities with IDR 5 Million Capital

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7 Home Business Opportunities for IDR 5 Million Capital - Most people who want to start a business always think about capital. Not a few think that to start a business there must be large capital and not a few are worried about capital.

Starting your own business doesn't have to be a big capital. There are many businesses with a capital of IDR 5 million and promising big profits. You can choose a business idea that will be submitted here.

It should also be noted that capital is not only for the preparation of goods such as materials and equipment, because the strategy through promotion is also one part that has an important role in a business today. Not even a few business people who spend almost as much capital as their business capital.

7 Home Business Opportunities with IDR 5 Million Capital

7 Home Business Opportunities with IDR 5 Million Capital

The following is a good home-based business opportunity with a capital of only IDR 5 million, as reported by Okezone.com:

1. Sewing Business

For a sewing business, of course you need to master sewing skills, or you can also learn to be self-taught first. Then, the capital for a sewing machine is Rp. 3 million, then the thread and needle are Rp. 100 thousand, buttons and zippers are Rp. 100 thousand, the total capital is Rp. 3.2 million. If the cost for sewing is around Rp. 200 thousand for sewing and in a week you can do 10 stitches, the calculation is:

A week = IDR 200 thousand x 10 = IDR 2 million

A month = (Rp 200 thousand x 10) x 4 weeks = Rp 6 million

2. Bag Repair Business

This business also requires special skills, and the initial capital is an ordinary sewing machine worth Rp. 1 million, a special sewing machine for leather, Rp. 3 million. Then, spare parts such as glue, thread and others are Rp. 200 thousand. So the total expenditure is IDR 4.2 million. While the income illustration:

A week: IDR 100 thousand x 10 = IDR 1 million

A month: (Rp100 thousand x 10) x 4 weeks = Rp4 million

3. Kiloan Laundry Business

This laundry kilogram business may not be too difficult to find, and has been used by many people as a fairly profitable business. This business only requires a strategic place, such as around campus or near office areas.

The capital for this business is a washing machine and dryer worth Rp. 3 million, two irons with a price of Rp. 200 thousand each, scales of Rp. 200 thousand, detergent and fragrance of Rp. 200 thousand, and other necessities of around Rp. 200 thousand. The total capital is IDR 4 million. However, you need to take into account also if the washing machine used will be added, then there are employees who also work in your laundry.

By calculating the average order of 20 kilos of clothes per day at a price of IDR 6,000 per kilo, then the income for a month = (20 kilos x 6 thousand) x 30 = IDR 3.6 million.

4. Vehicle Washing Service Business

For this type of business, make sure you have a special room that is large enough to wash your vehicle and dry it. The capital required is a set of motor washing machine compressors for Rp. 4 million, compressor fuel and electricity for Rp. 500 thousand, washing soap Rp. 200 thousand, a total of approximately Rp. 4.7 million. With a motorbike washing fee of Rp. 10 thousand and an average of 10 vehicles being washed per day, the profit is estimated to be:

(10 x IDR 10,000) x 30 = IDR 3 million (not counting employee and other costs).

5. Salon Business

The salon business is also still in great demand today, especially to pamper women. The capital required is a hydraulic chair and a dressing table for Rp. 3 million, a hair steamer of Rp. 500 thousand, a hair washing place of Rp. 300 thousand, a hair dryer of Rp. 200 thousand, and other equipment of approximately Rp. 1 million. The total capital is IDR 5 million. The income, taking into account the standard cutting and washing tariff is around Rp. 50 thousand and the average customer is five people per day, then the monthly income is approximately:

( 5 x IDR 50,000) x 30 = IDR 7, 5 Million

The calculation does not include the salary component for its employees. And if there are additional services, such as facials, spas, maybe the capital will increase again.

6. Animal Salon Business

Currently, it is not only humans who are obliged to take care of themselves to stay healthy, animals also need the same care, especially domestic animals such as cats and dogs. The capital required is Rp. 1.4 million, which includes a hose, a bath tub to scissors, a comb, food and vitamins. For income, if on average per day caring for five tails at a rate of Rp. 50 thousand. Then the profit: (5 x IDR 50 thousand) x 30 = IDR 7.5 million.

7. Handicraft business

Are you a very creative person? Can make a handicraft business. With capital like clay at a price of Rp. 10 thousand per kilogram, equipment of Rp. 300 thousand. At least, if there are only two clients per month, with an order per client of 1,000 seeds, the price of souvenirs is IDR 2,000, then income = (1000 x 2000) x 2 = IDR 4 million.

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