5 Ways to Make Money from the Internet

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5 Ways to Make Money from the Internet - In recent years the growth of the internet in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Thus encouraging the creation of many online business opportunities for those who want to use the internet as a place to do business.

Working online does not require you to give up your primary job if you are an employee. Online work can be used as a side job that has great benefits if you really do business well.

If someday you succeed from working online. It is not impossible for you to build your own company.

Here are 5 online jobs that utilize internet technology.

5 Ways to Make Money from the Internet

1. Online Business

This business is done by utilizing the internet media. People can sell products or services online. You can create a website/blog to sell products. You can also sell affiliate products where you get a commission from each sale through the affiliate link provided by the platform or company that offers the affiliate program.

In addition, you can also offer online service providers who sell various kinds of skills and expertise.

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2. Social Media and Endorsement

The number of business people makes them look for ways to make their products known and get a lot of customers. Not a few of them use social media services and well-known people (endorses) to offer their products/services. You can take advantage of this opportunity as a service provider for their product promotion, either using social media accounts or personal accounts.

3. Stock Investment

Stock investing or who is familiar with the word "playing stocks" is one of the best online jobs. Maybe, in the past, playing stocks was not known, even though it was known to be considered only for people who had a lot of money. No, by utilizing technology and the internet you can invest in stocks. Capital for investment in the capital market does not need to be large.

Currently, with a capital of only Rp. 200 thousand, you can get 1 or 2 lots of shares. Stock investment can be done online, there is no need to come to a brokerage company, let alone the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

4. Forex (Foreign Exchange)

Forex is also known as Foreign Exchange (forex). Forex itself is a trading activity or currency transaction of one country with another country's currency. Forex is a profitable investment because transactions in this market reach more than $5 trillion per day. In addition, playing forex online can be done for 24 hours.

Capital to play forex does not have to be with large capital because forex enforces what is called leverage. This system multiplies money in order to make transactions in the forex market.

5. Property Agent

Property can always promise big profits. Becoming an online property agent does not require a lot of capital or even no capital. Being an online property agent only brings together sellers and potential buyers. Profits can reach 3% of every successful sale.

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Thus the article 5 ways to make money from the internet. Hopefully this article can add to your knowledge or become a valuable reference.

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