2 Business Opportunities Using Profitable Pick Up Cars

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Opening a business opportunity is not only a matter of the availability of capital, facilities are also an important part of a business to be built. Not a few business actors start their business because of the availability of facilities that have not been used optimally.

One of them is a pick up car that can be used as a side business facility. I'm sure you've seen a lot of effort using pick up cars. Well, here I will share information, business ideas, business opportunities that you can run with a pick-up car.

A little story, a few days ago before I wrote this article I was contacted by a friend. He talked about business opportunities, his father would buy my friend a pick-up car complete with business capital. An intelligent parent's thinking in my opinion, just how the child.

2 Business Opportunities Using Profitable Pick Up Cars

Business Opportunities Using Pick Up Cars

Ok, long story short, he asked what a good business opportunity was with a pick-up car. I suggest the following 2 business opportunities:

1. Selling across regions

Because with a pick-up car, it's better to sell/trade across regions. Here I convey the idea of ​​buying fish in one area, precisely in a neighboring province which takes 6 to 7 hours of travel. The products to be purchased are salted fish or smoked fish of marine fish species.

Salted fish or fish that have been preserved will last longer for a few days. Before choosing to buy salted fish outside the area and sell it in the area of ​​origin. We have conducted a survey beforehand, including entering the markets, to restaurants and restaurants.

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The result is really satisfying, we got orders in fairly large quantities.

Not only that, buying products from outside the region is more profitable, especially in certain areas that produce certain products. I do not recommend having to fish because this business opportunity depends on each region.

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To get more profit. I suggest taking the product home and away. Here I give an example of bringing pineapples which happen to be widely available in my area and are sold at low prices.

Although not in large quantities, at least the proceeds from the pineapples sold are sufficient to cover operational costs. So, the profit from selling whole fish is not reduced due to operational costs during the trip.

2. Selling drinks

Pick-up cars can also be used as a practical and easy-to-move place for sales. One of the beverage products that can be sold using a pick-up car is fresh fruit juice. In addition, you can also sell ice cream or durian ice.

The car can be used as a place. You don't need a shop or a big building to sell, a pick-up car can be a place that attracts attention.

When on holiday buying fish outside the area, I suggest selling fresh fruit juice and buying a cup sealer machine (plastic cup closing machine). The price is quite affordable, for a manual type machine it sells for IDR 1.2 million. For automatic machines it may be more expensive.

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Not only the 2 business opportunities above, there are still many business opportunities that can be run if you have a pick up car. At night maybe you can sell hot drinks, fruit juices and others. The advantage of using a pick-up car is that it is easy to move around and find a strategic place.

Car loads can also load a lot of stuff. For selling such as juice, it will be easier to transport chairs and tables where customers sit. The location for selling can be on the side of the road where road users who travel long distances can take advantage of your business as a place to relax and unwind during the trip.

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