Take Care of Financial Meetings During Eid from These Attitudes!

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Eid is just waiting for the day to come. Of course you must prepare everything where the needs during Eid tend to increase. In addition to the growing demand, the price of basic commodities and everything else also tends to rise so that finances are also obligatory to be ensured. To add to the splendor of Eid, usually many also take advantage of being able to use their THR money.

It's okay to have fun when Lebaran arrives. However, this is sometimes not in accordance with good financial arrangements. As a result, after Lebaran ended, the money sold out and was used up. Actually not only you who experience this, but many people who experience it. So that this does not happen again, here are some attitudes that you must avoid when Lebaran arrives in financial use:

 1. Shopping for unnecessary things

The first behavior is certainly a common behavior, namely unwise shopping activities. When you have extra money, it is very common for you to be compelled to spend as much as you want. Thus, things that are not really necessary are often considered necessary. Thus, the money that should be saved can then be used for spending on unneeded needs.

 2. There are too many Eid clothes

Eid tends to be synonymous with new clothes. For this reason, not a few people have prepared a special budget just to buy new clothes for the sake of celebrating Eid. It's actually okay to buy new clothes, but you also have to understand if you buy them only within reasonable limits. Reasonable limit here where the amount does not have to be too much. Likewise when you want to buy Eid clothes for children or relatives.

 3 . Stylish with debt

Great prestige is a very bad attitude to have. Usually this is done by those who migrate to work so that when going home they hope to get more recognition. Lebaran is a time when most people are stylish even though they have to be in debt in order to look successful in front of many people and families.

 4. Not setting aside money for savings

Another habit that should not be done is to spend all the money at the time of Eid. Though there should be a portion that must be set aside so that it can be saved. That way it will be wiser later if there is a need.

Those are some bad attitudes that are often done when Lebaran arrives by most people so that they can make finances shattered and out of control. For that change immediately and manage finances well. At first it may be difficult, but later it will definitely be more optimal financially.

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