How to properly wash fruits and vegetables to avoid the corona virus

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Many people are experiencing stress due to the Corona virus pandemic that has been attacking for some time. Although in Indonesia itself, it has only been about 2 months that the virus is being viciously attacked. But many of them are getting bored of just sitting at home. Especially for some people who basically do have extrovert tendencies. So you can keep yourself busy with various activities so you don't get bored.

Basically you can still do several kinds of activities outside the home, as long as you maintain security. For example, by shopping for food needs or basic ingredients during this social distancing period to supermarkets or also to markets. Remember, however, that eating is one of the most important types of needs that must be met. It's just that you should also know that in fact these food ingredients can also be a means for transmitting the virus.

That is why it is recommended to clean it properly. So how do you keep vegetables and fruit free from this Corona virus? considering that basically the fault experts themselves forbid to wash it using disinfectant or alcohol. Because the compounds contained in it are actually at risk of causing poisoning or disturbing your health. So there's no need to worry, here are a number of ingredients that you can use to wash vegetables and fruit to avoid Corona, namely:

How to properly wash fruits and vegetables to avoid the corona virus

Salt water, salt including natural ingredients that have a lot of benefits. Including, it can be used to clean vegetables and fruits. It's just that for those of you who suffer from high blood pressure problems, it is not recommended to use this salt water to clean vegetables and fruit. How to use it is easy, just mix it in water until it dissolves then use it to clean or wash it for a while. Salt water is also effective in removing adhering pesticides.

Vinegar water, you can rely on apple cider vinegar to mix it in water, then use the liquid to wash vegetables and fruits that you want to eat. It's just that the level of effectiveness is influenced by the level of vinegar in the solution. So adjust to the recommended dose, which is in a ratio of 1:3, if you use 1 cup of vinegar, then use 3 cups of water.

Baking soda water, next is a mixture of baking soda and water, the active ingredient is in fact no less effective for killing germs and removing residue from pesticides that stick to vegetables and fruits. Baking soda is also quite safe to use, because it only cleans the surface, not the inside. So that the taste of the fruit will also remain the same, if the skin is peeled. How to use it itself is very easy, which is enough to mix 8 grams of baking soda or about 2 teaspoons with 1 liter of water and use it to wash the fruits and vegetables for 12 minutes.

Try the steps above for yourself to make fruits and vegetables to avoid the Corona virus. Make sure during a pandemic like now that you eat nutritious food, so that it can boost your immune system and of course you won't be easy to get sick, including Covid 19. Find various kinds of information related to other Covid 19 outbreaks on the Halodoc website.

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