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 Reach Worldwide

As individual and family health insurance, SmartMed Premier covers regions around the world and provides comprehensive protection when you or your family is sick.

Interesting Benefits

SmartMed Premier health insurance provides Basic Inpatient Benefits and Additional Benefits such as Childbirth, Outpatient, and Dental Care and has special benefits, namely reimbursement of Chemotherapy, Hemodialysis, HIV/AIDS expenses, funeral costs and emergency evacuation and repatriation of corpses.


Available plan options

VIP class medical facilities with Cashless convenience at Allianz network hospitals in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and others.

Total benefits in a year received by policyholders up to Rp 6 billion per person.

Replacement of maintenance costs according to the bill (as charge) if the treatment is according to the Plan.

If you choose more rooms than Plan or choose a hospital in the United States, the cost of treatment will be paid by the policyholder according to the Basic Limit.

Provides Inpatient Benefits and Additional Benefits such as Childbirth, Outpatient, and Dental Treatment


Providing Special Benefits, namely Chemotherapy, Hemodialysis, Medical Evacuation and Emergency Discharge, HIV/AIDS, and Funeral Fees

No Claim Bonus or bonus discount of 20% given during policy renewal if there is no record of claims for one policy year. The bonus discount is calculated from last year's policy premium and applies to premiums per Insured.

Allianz eAZy Claim and Reimbursement facility for reimbursement of medical treatment costs carried out in hospitals outside the Allianz-Admedika Network.

Choice of 20%, 10%, and 0% co-share services according to the agreement between the Insured and Allianz.

Access the 24-hour Allianz Medical Hotline for information needs and medical services, as well as International Medical Assistance Services

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